July 6, 2011

No! Really?

Ok, you get by now that I love Polaroid. And, if you are a careful reader, you get that they don't call the makers of the "new" Polaroid film "The Impossible Project" for nothing (but I'm not complaining).

So, it was my birthday last week, and I bought myself a little gift. A beautiful, shiny, black plastic Fuji Instax Mini 50S. It ain't old. It ain't scratched. It don't even need reconditioning.

(You need this camera. Need.)

Because it makes these. Aren't they cute? (Not a word I use often.) The size of a credit card. The biggest thrill of all? They develop in the naked light of day. Before your eyes. It will make you smile. Smile big. From blank white to misty blue to color. Color. COLOR.

(no waiting - no filtering - no shielding from light - no warming - no standing on one foot while flapping an appendage .... you get the idea)

So, if every Japanese kid under the age of 24 has one, why shouldn't you?

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