August 4, 2011

Meet Me at the Fair

Today was the day we all played hookie and went to the Fair. We rode the Ferris Wheel (which for a firm-on-her-feet girl like me is way too thrilling).

 My little guy is thankfully still small enough to love the carousel (and so do I). While we were going round and round and up and down, he gave me a big grin and said, "I love the Fair."

The big boy amused himself on various Vomitrons like this one (alone, I might add). Safer to take pictures from below.

And, we managed to avoid all but one of the Games of Chance. There were sausage sandwiches, really good French fries, and fresh raspberries. We all piled into the car at the end of the day dusty, tired, and completely satisfied.

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