October 15, 2011


I am intrigued by one of Toby Hancock's Polaroid out-takes from the exhibition  "Outside the Lines" at The Impossible Project's NYC Space (through the end of January).

His other-worldly image of a Frank Gehry building in L.A. is rapturous (if you Flickr, you can see it here).

His technique, which he kindly shared, inspired me to crank up the heat on my prints. In the oven. Two hours in a low oven and the little chemistry lab between the layers of this instant film goes a bit bonkers.

Before baking, this was just a failed attempt to capture my friends' old pump house and the garden cart that's been leaning against it as long as I can remember.  After baking, it is something entirely different. Not sure that I love it, but it is entirely different.

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