November 11, 2011

The Evening Star

Late last month, I spent a long weekend off the coast of Maine on Vinalhaven. And there I met Hesperus. Venus actually. When the ancient Greeks looked up into the night sky at the Evening Star, they named it Hesperus. Hesperus is Venus at night.

I have a real fondness for Venus. I own a little house on the other side of town (which I miss if I give it too much thought). On winter nights when I would hurry in with my little boy bundled in my arms, we always stopped on the footpath to find Venus in the night sky. She was just over the rooftop in the west. At two, he could point her out to you.

One of these winters soon, I'd like to be looking for Hesperus in the winter sky over Carver's Harbor with my boy.

Because in winter, it is quieter than quiet. And we could all do with more of that.

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