January 18, 2012

Knitting for Buddhists

January has been a quiet month. Lots of time at home. Maybe a little too much time at home, if you know what I mean.

Three knitting projects have flown off my needles this past week, wrapping up unfinished warm woollies that have been lying around for months. Idle hands may be the Devil's workshop, but man, oh man. Sit down with some mindless knitting and your little brain can crank away in the most sinful directions. Idle hands my ass. It's an idle mind that will really get you in trouble.

Sunday I decided to set down the damned needles and get out that divine camera. Looking at things. Really closely. Will bring you right back to the here and now. Somehow the mundane realities of a snowless winter in upstate New York with lunch boxes to pack and bills to pay is looking a whole lot better.

Note to self: Take more photographs. Really.

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