April 19, 2012

Impossible Project Pioneers

You might not know it, but I am a Pioneer. The Impossible Project, makers of new instant film for old Polaroid cameras, rewarded those of us who bought early and often. Our purchases of the first versions of the new instant film were acts of hope and devotion to the project. For this we have been richly rewarded.

A new version of TIP's PX680 color film is available today, and we Pioneers have been putting it through its paces for the past few weeks. Exposing, posting, and commenting on the beautiful results from this latest batch on Flickr.

We've all kept quiet until today. And now that the film is officially available, Pioneers will be posting their images in the usual places.

Yes, that's me. Shooting into the doorway of an antique shop in Hudson, New York. Inside the shop a gold lamp glows right where my big, clunky Polaroid box camera was positioned. Kind of captures the heart of that sweet little hunk of plastic.

I'll post my other (better focused) Pioneer shots in a bit, some of which are extremely satisfying. And, I'll look forward to opening fresh boxes of this film all summer long.

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