July 26, 2012

Mental Holiday

I'm packing the antique Polaroids into my tote bag (and boxes of film into a cooler) and taking a mental holiday. There will be a couple of road trips. I will be freezing my little toes in the icy waters off my favorite island in Maine. I will be checking in with my old haunts in Philadelphia. And, the boys tell me there is mini golf (lots of mini golf) in my near future.

Best part? It will be an internet free zone. But for the occasional e-mail check-in, I will not tweet, pin, post or surf. Remember when life was like that? I can't, but I intend to remind myself.

See you in September! With lots of new photographs to share.

In Shade Too
Impossible Project PX70 First Flush! Instant Film
Polaroid SX-70 Camera

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