March 4, 2013

Work in Progress

For the past six months (an eternity), I was unable to scan and edit a single Polaroid photograph (dead computer). Excruciating. With my tools gone, I spent late nights flipping through my old digital archives on our son's computer (hoping that it wouldn't bite the dust too as it groaned through acres of data). Since it has been a long, cold winter, I kept my chilly digits wrapped around hot cups of tea.

Tea. Tea bags. Paper. Recycled paper. Perhaps you see where I am headed?

This not-so-interesting digital photograph was made with my old point-and-shoot (where is that thing, anyway? no matter). It is printed on recycled tea bag paper and augmented with pen and ink. My work table is now cluttered with dried tea bags and tea prints.

I love the feel of the handmade image. More experimentation ahead, and a new method for enlivening those crisp digital photographs.

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