August 11, 2013


"Study" seems to be the word of the summer. With the guidance and encouragement of a fabulous business coach (can't recommend her more highly, if you are of an entrepreneurial bent), I have been whole-heartedly engaged in growing my business. While this is exercising my creativity muscle, it doesn't involve cameras in the way that you might expect.

And so, I am in the midst of Susannah Conway's Photo Meditations course as well. This week's assignment is to capture the light. When I climb the stairs to my second floor work space (where I am spending a lot of time this summer), I am always struck by this beautiful streak of afternoon light in my bath.

With a new (old) Polaroid Colorpack IV that my dad found this summer at a yard sale, I captured this. It's just a shower curtain, but it makes me very happy every time I see it.

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