August 13, 2013


First shot with a new camera (new to me, but an old Polaroid, of course). I held my breath when I took this with a big, beautiful Polaroid SLR 680. Richly rewarded.

My son's desk sits right in front of the best window in the house. He has a view over the back yard and the long needle pine with a perfect bird's nest in it. That and a new Sponge Bob bucket for your 300+ colored markers. What more could a boy want?

My Polaroid camera collection is now complete. At least I said so to my husband today (he knows me better than that).

Impossible Project PX 680 Color Protection Film
Polaroid SLR 680 Camera


  1. Ramona Herrick BoldsenOctober 11, 2014 at 8:51 AM

    I love your photographs, Pam! They are very thought provoking... Some may even become springboards for my writing! This one, "Collections," stirs thoughts that just may pop into a short story I wrote for lesson in a course that I took. I want to grow the story and these markers are something that I think "Chase" would love!! I would love to write and illustrate my own work for young children. I'm in the very EARLY stages of learning to illustrate... a mere beginner at this drawing, painting stuff! But I'm having fun with the learning process. Your pictures and blogs are very inspiring! Thanks!

  2. Ramona, Thank you for taking the time to have a look and send your thoughtful note. I am very happy to know that the photographs align with your own artistic endeavors. All the best to you as you take up the illustrator's pen! Pam