October 11, 2013


My sweet man and I spent a weekend recently walking the streets of Philadelphia. What I love about that city is that it just doesn't give a damn. You know what I mean? No one will ever glance at your shoes and seat you at a table by the kitchen.

My favorite neighborhood, on a long list of favorites, is the northern bit of Olde City. 19th-century industrial buildings have turned just a tiny bit posh, but not too posh, mind you.

For me, it was a playground on a quiet Sunday morning. We had the streets to ourselves and marveled at the beauty of a truly old city. With my Polaroid in hand, the light and reflections were an utter delight.

Oh, and we had a great cheese steak with provolone when everyone else was just polishing off their first cup of Sunday morning coffee. A perfect weekend.

Polaroid SLR 680 Camera
Impossible Project PX 680 Color Protection Film

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